Launched at a moment of profound uncertainty for education in general and arts education in particular, ArtSchool is a multi-layered forum for scholars and critics to join with art-workers, students and teachers to collectively reflect on the multiple histories, presents and potential futures of teaching and learning art. The current crisis for art schools around the world has major implications not only for the labour and practice of teaching and learning in the field of art, but also for the labour and practice of art-making itself. The situation calls for radical insight and imagination. Artschool, drawing on the premises of Afterall’s One Work series, takes seriously the generative potential of works of art themselves for stimulating critical, transformative thinking on these subjects. Encompassing essay series, live open discussion groups and a reference hub for further reading, watching and listening, ArtSchool engages with the present’s most urgent questions around education in art. Register for further information and updates on our latest publications, events and resources. ArtSchool is a collaboration between AfterallCentral Saint Martins and the Museu de Arte de São Paulo Assis Chateaubriand